Things You Should Know About Red Light District

Being in the red light district is like a fantasy for many men and women. They want to explore the area on their own terms. They want to know that what it is like to have sex with a sex worker. There are some men who like to visit the area only because they want to enjoy having sex. However, things can get confusing once you are inside the red light district. You might think that you will have complete control but you are wrong. Here are some of the things you need to know about the red light district.

Sex Workers Have Their Own Rules

You will be surprised to know that once you are in the red light district, you will have to move according to the rules of sex workers. No doubt you will have the authority to enjoy the type of sex that you want but there are some rules and regulations that you have to follow like.

1. There are some sex workers who do not like condoms. If you want to have sex with them, you better not use condoms.

2. Some sex workers will prefer having condoms. It means that you cannot have sex with them without condoms.

3. Sex workers will not allow you to test them for STDs. You have to follow the rules and have sex at your own risk.

You Can Take Guidance From Sex Workers

There are some old sex workers who consider themselves not appealing anymore. The reason is that they are older as compared to youngsters due to which they are unable to get clients. They cannot leave this world, so they are started a different kind of job. They have turned into a guide. If you are confused and looking for directions you can ask the former sex worker and they will provide you with the guidance that you want.

They Can Refuse You Any Time

Most people have the misconception that they can do anything they want with the sex worker. Considering from the image that has been created in our mind and what has been shown in the media and movies we think that sex workers are our slaves. However, in the modern age, sex workers are also taking control. If they do not want to be with you, they will easily say no and you cannot force them. If they do not want a special position that you want, they will say and you will have no control over the situation except to obey the rules.

Panic button

There are more police officers around the red light district as compared to in other regions of the city. The reason is that sex workers are commonly being targeted by the clients and they need protection. That is why all sex workers have a special panic button. If you think that you can hit her or do anything that you want to think again. Once she will press the button within minutes the forces will reach the place and take you away. You will not be able to do anything and if you were planning to keep it a secret you will get into much more trouble.

If you want to enjoy having sex in the red light district make sure that you know all the rules. You will have to stay safe because that is the only way you can enjoy having sex in the red light district. Enjoy your time and always carry protection with you. That is the only way you can protect yourself from STDs.