Things to Consider Before You Pay for Sex

Sex is addictive, it is one of the most wonderful things in the world. We love to have it but sometimes we cannot get enough. When that happens, a lot of people consider paying for sex, or visiting a prostitute. But, unless you live in Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal.

A lot of things exist that you should consider before paying for sex. We are only going to be able to talk about the most important here. Let's dive in.

Prostitution Is Illegal

The first and foremost reason not to pay for sex is that prostitution is illegal. Depending on what state you are in, it can come with different crimes. Often times the john is punished harsher than the prostitute when it comes to the law. Why would you risk the law when there are plenty of other ways to get sex. Legal ways.

Prostitution Is Often Unethical

Some prostitutes do get into the sex work industry to make money. This is not common though. A lot of sex workers start because they need the money, are victims of human trafficking, or victims of some other crime. When you pay to have sex with a crime victim, you are only supporting those who put the victim in that place.

Very little of the actual money goes to the prostitute. The majority of it goes to their pimp.

Who Knows What You Will Catch

In Vegas, where prostitution is legal, those involved have to be screened and certain protections have been put in place. But where it isn't legal, who knows what screening the prostitutes have been through.

Your chances of getting an STD from an illegal prostitute tend to be much higher than getting an STD from a regular person. While you may be able to treat some STDs, you can't treat them all. Do you want to risk catching one?

Prostitution Isn't Safe

We already mentioned the potential to get a disease but this isn't the only reason that prostitution isn't safe. Not all prostitutes (and pimps) have a sense of ethics. There are a lot of prostitutes out there that would steal your wallet, money, or other items. Pimps are also not always the most friendly of people and often turn to abusing their prostitutes.

Prostitution Can Be Expensive

Paying for a prostitute to constantly be your companion can get expensive quickly. Especially considering that you not only have to pay the pimp but the prostitute themselves. Why should you pay for sex when you have so many alternatives that won't cost you anything?

There Are Rules

Most prostitutes have a very long list of things that they won't do. From anal to more exciting things. Prostitutes are not a way for you to try out new things. If a prostitute will allow you to try new things such as kinks, it is sure to cost you extra. But if you don't clear it with the pimp? Who knows what will happen.

Sex With A Prostitute Isn't Real

When you get with a partner you want it to have some basis in reality. Engaging in prostitution means that you are paying for sex. What you pay for is fun, not for anything with a real basis. You didn't win anyone over, you don't enjoy each other, you are just having sex. Other options for finding sex have a basis in enjoyment, in desiring each other, not just desiring the act of sex.

Prostitution is not a good road to take when you are looking for sex. There are plenty of other ways to have casual sex or one night stands. Hiring an escort is one option. Turning to the world of online dating is another, check our top 5 hooker sites. You can always go the traditional route of going out and meeting partners too. With all of these options, do you really want to risk going out with a prostitute?

The most important thing to consider before deciding to visit a prostitute is the prostitute herself. Think about that woman (or man), do they actually want to be there, selling their body for money? Most prostitutes don't turn to the sex work industry out of choice. They are either forced into it or are tricked into it. Do you really want to put yourself in a position where you are taking advantage of the victim? No, turn to one of the many alternatives.