Why You Shouldn't Pay for Hookers?

In this day and age life has changed in a complete way. Things are not like what it used to be before. People are busy in fulfilling their needs and dreams by hook and crook. They don't thing about the path they are going on to earn money and live their life. They just want to get facilities no matter how they come.

If we talk about prostitution, it has increased a lot. People sell their bodies to get money and there are many people looking for some girls to have sex with and enjoy their life on hooker sites. They spend a lot of money on these girls to have fun.

The question arises that is it good for people to go outside and hire these sluts for one night stands and enjoy sex with them? Is it worth paying to these women to have sex with them? Is it good mentally to sleep with new and strange women to have some good time? Well, the answers to these questions are given below.

Should You Pay?

Well, this is the main questions that should you really pay these prostitutes money to have sex? Well, the answer is a big no. You should never waste your money and you heath for these hookers who are only looking for money.

Some of the main reasons are explained below

Their Need Is Your Need

These prostitutes may also want to have sex to fulfill their lust same as you. So, what is the difference between them and you? You will give them your money to do the same thing these hookers are going to do.

Never ever spend your money on these people as they will enjoy with you too but they will charge from you.


If you love your life and want to spend a long life then how can you ignore the fact of STD? . We all know that these hookers sleep with all kind of men around. They have sex with them because they earn money from it.

By doing sex with different people they will never know when they will have sex with some disease oriented people. From there that disease can transfer to the hookers and if you have sex with the same hooker it will be converted to you. All this will happen and you will never realize that it will happen with you.

So, your health should be you first priority. This will take your towards cancer and that can be tough to treat. These hookers will have sexual relationship with people of all ages and all areas and this can also lead to cancer etc. It is naturally when you are having sex with different men, chances are high that some kind of disease will occur and it will make it very tough for you to survive once you will have sex with the same hooker.


When you are having sex with some hooker, chances are high that you will get emotional about her and it can lead you to trouble. You cannot have relationship with such girl and it will be tough for you to get out of personal zone after having sex and paying these hookers something.

So, all in all it is advised to stay away from these hookers and find other ways to enjoy your life.