You Should Respect the Sex Workers

This is no surprise to us that how we behave with the sex workers. Everyone thinks that they are bad because of what they are doing and that is why they deserve to be punished and ill-treated. In many parts of the world people will not only have fun while having sex with the sex workers but also, they will assure to take all their anger out on the poor ladies. They will hit them as badly as they could because they are aware of the fact that there is no one who can protect a sex worker or file a report against him.

This is the reason most sex workers have to hide all their bruises and wound with makeup to assure that they would be ready for the next day. People always look at sex workers only with lust or hatred. There are no other emotions in their eyes for the sex workers only because they are not considered a decent part of the society. It is important that we respect sex workers as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should respect sex workers.

They Are Doing Their Job Just Like You

You should not blame anyone for the business they are into. If you will pay attention you will find out that sex working is a business as well and the sex workers are only employees. It might not be what they wanted to do but they have to. Just imagine if everyone will treat you badly only because the job that you are doing. You not always love the job you are doing. Same is the case with sex workers, they often do not love the job they are doing but they have to do it because it is their job after all. If you will pay attention you will notice that most sex workers are only doing their job because there is no other option available for them.

They Are A Part of Our Society

Everyone is equal and there is no discrimination between the humans. That is why we have no right to judge someone only because she is a sex worker. She is a respectable part of society as well who deserves to be given a chance to be loved and respected, so she can live the life she has always wanted. No one has the right to behave badly with a sex worker.

You Do Not Know Their Story

The worst thing about our behavior with sex workers is that we will keep treating them badly only because of what they are doing and we will not even try to find out that why they are doing it. You should know that there are many sex workers who are doing it.

1. To meet their financial needs.

2. To support their family.

3. It was forced in them.

When there are no other options available this is the only thing that sex workers can think of doing. So, it is better that we respect them because it might not be their first choice in the first place.

There are many sex workers out there who prefer to commit suicide only because of the treatment we give them. We will not give them the respect they have been looking and just blame and hit them for the choices that they did not even make in the first place. It is better that for once we try to change ourselves because that is the only way we can change the society.