Why BackPage.com Has Been Closed?

No doubt that sex is the basic necessity of the human body but it is important that you understand your limits. There are many people who prefer being with hookers instead of having a partner because it is more satisfying for them. However, it is a lust that often turns them into an animal. Recently, it has been found that one of the famous online platforms Backpage.com has been closed. There are many people who are wondering that why an advertisement website has been closed. Here we have some of the shocking reasons you should know about.

Not An Advertisement Website

There are many people who think that Backpage.com is an advertisement site. The reason is that it is marketed that way to assure that they can easily hide the dirty business that they have been into. After a recent research, it has been found that the website was not an ad agency, it was a platform for people to find hookers. In many stats of the US, prostitution is illegal and the founders of Backpage.com were knee deep into this business and they were taking it to the next level.

They Were Selling Sex

It has been found that they were selling sex. There were many people who were able to find hookers on the website. Most users say that the services were satisfactory because Backpage.com always had someone new and interesting that they could use to satisfy their needs and pay for the services. However, what they did not know is the ugly truth behind all the people who were being sold on the Backpage.com. It was not even hooker's website, it was sex trafficking platform and this is one of the biggest reasons that Backpage.com has been closed for good.

Children Were Used

You will be surprised to know that there were several young girls who were sold on Backpage.com for sex. We all know that the laws are against the child sex trafficking but the founders of Backpage.com were ready to ruin the lives of millions of children only to make some extra money for themselves. This is the reason they made the young girls appear like they were old enough to have sex and sold them to older individuals who may or may not knew what they were getting into when it came to having sex and fulfilling their lust.

Forced Prostitution

After the authorities conducted a complete research on the Backpage.com, they found out that it was forced prostitution. No doubt there are many hooker sites available online but on all those sites hookers come with their own will because they want to make some money or planning to have great sex. However, things were opposite in case of Backpage.com. Most of the young hookers that were available on Backpage.com were forced to get into this business. These were young girls who were supposed to study in schools and colleges but they were forced into prostitution that is against the law.

It has been clarified that the Backpage.com website has been closed and the founders will be punished for the wrong acts that they have been doing. The authorities have made it clear that if they will find any other such site that is selling sex or trafficking children, they would take immediate actions to assure that the website is closed and child trafficking can be controlled. It is the duty of the authorities to protect the children of the nation and they are taking strict steps. They are ready to put a hold on the child trafficking.