How to Hook Up Safely

Everyone has special sexual needs. Someone is attracted by the look, some are horny and others just want to have sex. when you will do sex for the right reasons, it will allow you to stay happy and improves your health and mental capabilities. That is why most individuals are looking for hookups and casual sex because there are no commitments, you enjoy your time and nothing else. However, the increase in the prevalence of STDs is making individuals concerned. They do not want to get infected with any type of STD because it can be life-threatening. To make it possible safe sex is very important. Here we have some tips that will help you have safe sex.

Always Use Condom

It is important that you should always have your own condom in your purse or pocket. There are many individuals and especially girls who do not carry a condom with them. When their partner does not have one as well, things can get a little serious because not using protection can increase the chances of STD. Having your own condom will give you peace of mind that you are using protection in all situations.

Learn to Say NO

A common mistake most individuals make is the will say yes to everything. They do not have the ability to say No due to which they have to suffer in the end. The most important rule of safe sex is you should learn to say No.

1. If you are not interested in doing it, let your partner know that you will not engage in a certain position or a certain type of sex.

2. If you think, things are getting out of your comfort zone, it is better that you ask them to stop immediately.

3. Once you will learn to say No, it will provide you a better control over your emotions and what you want.

Communication Is Important

When you are engaging in casual sex, communication is very important. If you are unable to communicate with your partner. Chances, you will not be able to enjoy sex the way you want. It will not provide you pleasure because you will be worried about any kind of diseases all the time as well as it will be hard for you to trust that person again. It is essential that you talk about contraception and protection before you get started. If you notice that the other person is forcing you into something or he/she is being a jerk, it is better that you do not let such kind of person even touch you.

Avoid Getting Wasted

There are many individuals who like to get wasted before they can have sex. when you are not in your senses you will forget about using protection, which means you might end up with pregnancy or infection. It is better that you avoid having alcohol at all. In case you are at a bar and it is hard to resist taking a drink that you can easily manage. It will allow you to manage everything perfectly and you will not have t worry the next day about any kind of STDs or other issues.

In case you have had sex and you forgot about protection, it is better that you get yourself tested as soon as possible. That is the only way you will get the surety that you are not suffering from any dangerous disease. In case you have been diagnosed with a virus, you can have the treatment at an early stage that will allow you to stay safe.