Craigslist Personal Ads Have Been Shut Down Because of Hookers?

With the invention of internet things started to change in the online field. After intent the next big invention was social media platforms and the list continues. There came a big business opportunity for different people around the world who have internet or computer system called as E commerece.

With the passage of time people built their own websites or businesses and now the next big challenge was its branding on promotion. There is no point of making you identity online and not promoting your business.

For this advertisement and branding platforms started to arise up in the market to provide services but soon people found perfect platform such as Craigslist or BackPage and it allowed a lot of people to advertise their business, jobs etc.

There is news that Craigslist has banned the personal Ads. These Ads provided opportunities to people to advertise themselves and offer their services to people around.

Benefits of Personal Ads

Personal ads were very important for many people. There were a lot of key points which were connected to Personal Ads. Some of those points are explained below.

1. They used to help you hook up with different people.

2. You were able to find the perfect match for you.

3. Matching your interest was very easy and it took few minutes to find perfect match.

Why It All Happened?

Well, reports claim that they have banned the opportunity of personal Ads due to the hookers. They used to advertise themselves and get many interested men to earn money from but this opportunity has been closed due to hookers.

Let's find out what are the reasons that they have stopped the personal Ads.

There Was Sex Trafficking

Many hookers came to Craigslist and enjoyed their time here and they got a lot of customers due to this amazing platform but the problem was there was a lot of people coming to Craigslist and making it look more like a hooker's site then a promotional site for different people. You can say the hookers somehow used it above then the limit and this was bound to be happening as these types of actions are not liked by many people.

It Was Used for Prostitution

As mentioned above Craigslist is not a hooker's site for people. It is a site for people to use it in a more professional and helpful way but the excessive joining of hookers and excessive demand of people the traffic has increased a lot in the Craigslist and it seems like only prostitution is happening at the site.

People are looking for partners and hookers are enjoying it and there was nothing useful or at least watchable for the clients was available on the site. So, this can be the reason also.

Rules Were Not Followed

These types of adult dating sites have their respective rules also. They need to follow those rules in order to get their existence going on. In this case I think that rules were not followed completely and this could be another reason to the list.

What Will Be The Future After Craigslist?

Well, life moves on no matter whatever happens. Craigslist was no doubt one of the best platforms for hooking up with the perfect partner and it produced a lot of results for people. But these hooking up were going on even before Craigslist existed. So, there are many other sites like Tinder etc people are focusing on at the moment.

It will be hard to replace Craigslist but I am sure people will be able to do it very soon.